The Best Commercial Garage Doors in Idaho Falls

Discount Doors Company, also known as Overhead Door Company of Eastern Idaho, is the best provider for Idaho Falls commercial garage doors. The locally owned and operated company has over 75 years of combined experience in installing and maintaining overhead doors Idaho Falls. You can count on the fact that everything they offer comes with the first-rate service and caring that comes with dealing with a local company.

All you have to do is step outside in an Eastern Idaho winter to see what type of punishment Idaho Falls commercial garage doors have to withstand. Discount Doors Company has a full range of rolling steel service doors, Insulated Sectional Steel-Back Doors, and Thermacore Doors.

Does your business have special door needs like rolling shutters or commercial security grills? Discount Doors Company can provide these products for high pedestrian areas like shopping malls or hospitals or for kiosks that close up at night. They also provide Fire Rated Doors made of steel in a variety of sizes that can meet even the most stringent of safety standards.

Idaho power bills can eat your company’s profit right up, but ask Discount Doors Company about insulated overhead doors Idaho Falls to keep the heat and the money in your business where it belongs. Their experienced designers and installers can keep your money from drifting out the door with all your warm air.

Overhead Door Company is the original garage door company and the company founder, C. G. Johnson invented the upward-lifting garage door, almost 100 years ago, in 1921. He then invented the first electric garage door opener in 1926, so it makes sense to use the company with the most experience to get the job done right.

Overhead Door Company of Eastern Idaho takes pride in giving the best quality and service and their slogan is “High Quality, Low Prices, Great Service.” You can be assured that you are getting quality products that are backed with warranties that mean something since they are part of a network of 450 authorized dealers and service centers. They give local hometown service, products that are backed by a huge national network, and they always put the customer first.