Reliable Garage Door Repairs in Rexburg, Idaho

How Discount Doors Company Can Repair Your Garage Door

Discount Doors Company can repair many types of garage doors, and when you contact their business, their representatives will evaluate your needs, schedule an appointment, and provide a free estimate for Rexburg garage door repairs. Once their specialists inspect a garage door, the experts decide whether they may need to repair the main cables, the torsion springs, the seals, or multiple sensors. Their technicians can also fix the panel that protects the garage door, and this component could prevent damage in the future.

Repairing the Cables and the Torsion Springs

While their technicians inspect the garage door, they will also evaluate the cables that control the garage door. Sometimes, the cables can become frayed, and the damaged cables might not move the garage door. After the technicians at Discount Doors Company inspect garage doors in Rexburg ID, they can replace the components, test the new cables, and improve the efficiency of each garage door.

Some doors feature torsion springs that can help a homeowner to move the garage door, so if a torsion spring malfunctions, the damaged component could misalign the door, and the malfunctioning springs may also damage other components. Discount Doors Company can adjust the torsion springs, test the components, install new springs, or add new mounts that will stabilize the torsion springs.

Replacing the Sensors and Testing the Components

Many doors feature sensors that could significantly increase safety, yet if a sensor malfunctions, the component can prevent the garage door from closing. Their technicians will thoroughly inspect the sensors that are attached to the garage door, realign the sensors, or install new sensors.

Contacting Discount Doors Company and Scheduling an Appointment

If you would like to learn more information about their professional services for garage doors in Rexburg ID, you can browse their website and examine their residential services. You may also call 208-745-5454, and their helpful representatives can answer your questions, describe Rexburg garage door repairs, provide multiple suggestions, and offer a great price. For more information about Rexburg garage door repairs, visit