Discount Doors Company: Skilled Garage Door Services in Idaho Falls

Repairing a Garage Door in Idaho Falls

Once a customer contacts Discount Doors Company, their experienced technicians can inspect a garage door, test multiple components, provide a free estimate, and replace several parts. When their specialists repair Idaho Falls garage doors, they may install new cables, numerous types of sensors, durable springs, or lightweight panels. After you request garage door services in Idaho Falls, Idaho, their company can provide multiple types of discounts, and once the technicians install a garage door, their experts could also complete routine maintenance.

Examining the Garage Door

Their technicians will thoroughly evaluate the garage door, and the specialists can inspect the frame of the door, the rollers, the motor, and the cables. If the homeowner has heard unusual noises, Discount Doors Company can examine the parts that are causing the noises. Subsequently, their technicians may replace multiple components and test the new components.

Providing a Free Estimate and Evaluating the Warranty

After you request a detailed estimate, their experienced technicians could examine the costs of labor, the prices of new parts, and several types of discounts. If the garage door is malfunctioning, the experts can install durable components, and usually, the manufacturer will provide a warranty that could protect the new parts. Once the technicians at Discount Doors Company repair Idaho Falls garage doors, the customers may examine the terms of the warranty, the duration of the warranty, and the design of each part.

Installing a New Motor and Choosing a Remote Control

This trusted company also sells several motors that can control your garage door, and before you select a motor, you may examine the design of the motor, the sensors, the security system, and the batteries. When you contact Discount Doors Company, you could also purchase a remote control that can open the garage door, the main gates, and other types of doors. Their skilled technicians will program the remote control and test the remote control.

Contacting Discount Doors Company

If a customer has any questions about their various services, they can call Discount Doors Company at 208-745-5454. When a homeowner or business owner contacts Discount Doors Company, their professionals can provide more details about their garage door services in Idaho Falls, Idaho, and the representatives may schedule an appointment, answer multiple questions, evaluate the needs of the customer, or offer a free estimate. For additional information about Idaho Falls garage doors, visit